Emergency Survival Kit Do not be without one in your car

Emergency Survival Kit Do not be without one in your car

Like millions of drivers most people do not have any kind of emergency survival rate in your car. And like most. you move smoothly from home to work or another point A to point B destination without incident. So. is it meaningful to have a survival rate in your car? The answer is yes. The reason is that you never know when your vehicle can be your sanctuary. especially during the winter season.

I live in a region that is exposed to severe floods. earthquakes and hurricane power. If you take a while to assess the types of environmental threats that dominate the region in which you live. you will realize that any of these threats have the ability to differentiate you and your vehicle from long term assistance. If you are unprepared for such an event. your survival can be compromised. So would not it be meaningful to have at least the very basic emergency survival package stashed discreetly in your vehicle?

So lets talk about the basics. The most common conditions that you should prepare for. You drive with you. everything goes well and suddenly you experience a flat tire or worse. a blowout. Assuming you keep control of your vehicle. you get to the side of the road and exit. The first question is. "Have you ever changed a flat tire on the vehicle that you are driving?" If not. the next question is "where is everything I need"? I know so many people who can not answer the other question. If you indicate that you will find all the components you need under a seat. under luggage mat. under the hood. etc.read the operating instructions and get the gear up and ready to remove the tire. youre in for a surprise. You get the hubcap from putting the wrench on the hub nut and start applying pressure to unlock the case. More pressure. Nothing. You give everything you have. Still nothing. The case will not run. When is the last time you tried to remove a sleeve nut with the ridiculous little screwdriver fitted with your vehicle? The problem is not necessarily that your weakness. the problem is that you do not have enough levers on the little little wrench. A two foot length of the tube added to the length of the wrench would give you the necessary lever to easily remove the most stubborn nut. Thats when it hurts you. If I had only practiced this at least once in the safety of my own garage or driveway. I would have known how difficult all this would be.

What gives me my opinion. Emergency preparation is about giving yourself a lever to overcome a difficult situation. In the above situation. you may be facing the situation. In the event of a regional disaster. there may be hundreds or even thousands of people struggling to overcome the situation. One of the most overlooked emergency preparedness topics is your car. Chances are that if youre not home. youve traveled somewhere in your car. If you like most. you went to work by driving. Now you are divorced from your home. What would happen if disaster hits? Your car may be your only resort and security available. If you fail to even have the basic knowledge. skills and regulations available to you while yours with your vehicle.

Heres the short list

Keep your vehicle serviced

Know where all your tools are and how to use them

Hold a piece of steel tube that is large enough to fit over your handle and at least two meters long. Do not use copper pipes. It must be large enough not to bend under tension

Wear a street map of the area you are in with a compass you must know how to use this

An emergency survival kit containing water. food and protection waterproof poncho. survival deck or weatherproof jacket sufficient for 72 hours of support.

A first aid kit. A good idea to take the least basic first aid from your local community service organization.

A pair of sturdy shoes or boots you may have to go

A good LED flashlight of good quality

Safety stains can be used for signaling or fire start

A mobile phone if you can afford it. Calling help is very comforting NOTE: Did you know that all modern mobile phones can call 911 emergencies even if you do not have a service provider?

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